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About Us

Like so many other tourists we got stuck: COVID19 you know... well, if this happens on the island of Koh Phangan you shouldn't be crying. This paradise offers so many nice things that you rather cry to go home.

While driving around on this beautiful island, we saw something was missing: the jungle, the coconut trees... This is the ideal location for a paintball center. We gathered a team and start to organize ourselves. 2 days later we got the perfect spot: easy access perfect neighbours. Top!

I couldn't stop thinking about the serie La Casa de Papel, the link with guns and masks was made and La Casa de Paintball was born! But also what plays behind the scenes fits with the serie: the search for freedom, detachment from daily grind, fighting against the system, ... 

The locals did the job! 

Thanks to my Thai connections we accelerated like crazy! People are enthusiastic about our project and support us! Thai simple love guns! So we do something back: we give a special discount to locals (Thai and foreigners). After being stuck for quite some time in a place, who doesn't want to shoot his colleague from time to time?

Welcome @ La Casa de Paintball and check out how it finally looks! We hope you enjoy as much as we do will setting up this company! You want to see how it looks like? Click here for a sneak preview

The Paintball Battle Team

Berlin, Helsinki, Tokyo and the rest are waiting you! 

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