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Located at less than 4 km from Thong Sala Pier, 8 km from Haad Rin Pier, LA CASA de PAINTBALL offers a paintball battle with a jungle feeling... 


The battlefield is ready! We made bunkers, trenches, hit and go obstacles, camping spots, ...

We are very curious to receive your feedback to make the place even more exiting!

Enjoy the unique Jungle Paintball experience with your friends and be totally immersed in a real battle atmosphere.

Clubhouse with terrace.png


We started beginning July 2020 with the construction of our clubhouse. Step by step we build it up...

Currently, we have our first container in place. 2 dressing rooms, 2 showers, toilet and storage room are constructed. On the top we will create a terrace with a roof cover. 


Second phase (middle of August), we put an extra container which will hold the bar and restaurant.


In the last phase we will make the complete set up energy efficient. 

Adding solar panels to the roof, recycle the rain and install a water purifying unit. 

On the land, we will install high efficiency LED lighting controlled by intelligent modules. After all... this is our core business...



Clubhouse 3D.png

1. Elimination

Both teams start from their side. The goal is to shoot all the opponent players.  

2. Capter the flag

The flag is set in the middle of the field. The goal is to bring the flag to your own camp.

3. Shoot the Rabit

One person from each side has a rabit. When the rabit is shot it's game over. The rabit can defend itself...

4. Shoot the terrorist

The terrorist has an M5 machine gun and is hiding... The police team has to eliminate the terrorist. 

Important is to have minimum 3 players per team (total maximum is 2 teams of 6 players)

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