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Signing up

All players have to subscribe to above rules in order to play paintball. After subscribing you automatically become Member of Paintball Battle Koh Phangan and you agree with the integral content of the waiver.

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By being a member (after you played once), you can enjoy the tariff of 600 Baht per person for a full year. We provide you 150 free bullets per person and take you in the "Pool of Wildcards".


When you are in the pool of Wildcards, you get a message when a group is showing up with less than 6 people. At that moment, we are entitled to add extra people who play for 500 Baht per person (with 150 bullets for free). It rewards frequent players but it also brings more balance to the paintball game. Playing with 6 or more is just more fun!

The Paintball Battle Team

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